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Conflict obviously can begin to damage your marriage. The more conflict, the less love and pleasure the both of you receive. If conflict continues over months or years, it can kill off your marriage. There are lots of courses and classes you can take on how to handle conflict in a healthy way. You can watch Dr Phil and read books and soon learn how to reduce the fighting and arguing in your relationship.

So learning to turn conflict into caresses, fight fair, and go for win win are good skills to develop that will reward you long term with a better marriage. But what if there was a way to stop conflict before it started? What if there was a way to reduce the conflict in your marriage by over 50%?

Well, of course, there is a way to do exactly this!  There is a way to minimize fighting and stop it at its source. This strategy is a secret that no one talks about even though it is staring us right in the face. The way to stop marital conflict before it starts is to PLAY more with your spouse!

Play is the fun secret that can kill conflict before it begins. Conflict and play go hand in hand. The more play in your marriage, the less conflict. Kinda obvious, right? In the beginning you played a lot with your mate. You went to movies, had lots of sex, went dancing. You engaged in all kinds of fun activities. There was lots more play than fighting in the beginning.

But then time passes and we get married. We have jobs and responsibilities and burdens and kids. Over time the play can begin to disappear from our marriage. And then the fighting and conflict will begin to increase.

So try this simple experiment for the next few weeks. Start to play with your spouse more. Have at least one date night a week. Besides that, plan two other times a week where you play for at least half an hour. Play in a way that you both enjoy. Could just be walking around the lake, or going to the gym together.   Add some play back in to your marriage on purpose and see what happens to the amount and degree of conflict.

There is a lot more to this, but adding more play into your marriage will improve the quality of your relationship.  It won't resolve everything, but it can have a big impact. Have fun, play some, and see for yourself how your marriage begins to change. 

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