Marriage Advice About Adultery

As much as we hate it when it happens to us, adultery occurs in a lot of marriages.  And when it happens, you have to ask what can you do? Do you need to get a divorce?  Go to counseling? Is there any way to repair the damage and stay happily married?

These are big, life changing issues.  You get to choose. Stay or leave. Now, whatever one you choose, there are two things you will have to deal with.

To begin with, you should know that yes, the relationship damage can be repaired, if you know what to do.  It is a somewhat complex process, but it is described in detail in the book How To Get Your Love Back Now.

First is how to cheat proof your marriage now and in the future. If you go on to another partner, it won't make you any happier if they end up cheating on you too. How can you avoid this?

Now, it isn't necessarily your fault that your spouse cheated.  Some spouses will do that with no provocation, entirely on their own.  Maybe alcohol was involved, or it as an affair of opportunity.  But if that is what happened, you need to pick your next partner more carefully.

When infidelity occurs, sometimes both of you have some cause in the matter. Did you stop being as loving? Did you stop feeling as loving?  In marriages, the responsibilities of kids and jobs can slowly erode the loving feelings between you.   Did things between you get too mechanical? Did you grow apart and distant? Did you turn into roommates not lovers?

Stay connected, don't let the pressures of work and the responsibilities of kids and household make things too cold between you. Your partner wants a lover, not a roommate. There is a lot more information on this available at the end of this report.

A powerful way to help cheat proof your relationship is to keep "play" in the relationship. Having a regular date night is a good way to do this. Go to dinner, see a show, make love. Play is vital to keeping the love and passion in a relationship.

But if you are dealing with infidelity, you can recover from it and you can learn to help prevent it in the future. You really can cut down the likelihood that it will happen again if you pay attention to what helped create it.

There are entire books that can be and have been written about each of these topics, so this is obviously just an introduction, but these are a great place to start to improve your marriage today.   You can build your relationship intelligence here.


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